Warrengate News

6th Oct 2022

Polite notice regarding late attendances and missing appointments

Unfortunately we are experiencing an increasing number of patients who are either arriving late for their appointments or not attending at all.


If you arrive late for your appointment we can not guarantee you will still be seen.  Our staff will always ask the clinician if they are able to still see you but unfortunately if this impacts on other patients booked into the clinic or compromises clinical safety then you will be asked to rearrange your appointment. 


We do understand that sometimes things happen which mean you can not make your appointment but in those circumstances please contact us to cancel your appointment so that this can be offered to another patient in need. We do review patients who fail to attend and if you have failed to attend on 2 occasions in the last 6 months then you may be asked to register elsewhere. 


Thank you to those patients who do attend their appointments on time, it is much appreciated. 

16th Sep 2022

Meet our team

We now have a fantastic multidisciplinary team with a wealth of  clinical skills and knowledge working at the surgery. Your medical problem might not always need to be seen by a doctor, it can often be managed by another member of our highly trained team which include:  

  • Advanced Clinical Practitioners are autonomous in making decisions based on assessment, diagnosis and interpretation of test results. ACPs are able to independently prescribe appropriate medication, evaluate or refer to other specialists if necessary.


  • Pharmacists make a difference to the lives of their patients through an expert knowledge of medicines and health.Helping people live longer and healthier lives depends on the safe use of medicines and excellent healthcare advice. Pharmacists’ unique expertise and knowledge makes them essential members of the healthcare team.


  • First Contact Practitioner are expert physiotherapists with many years of experince, they can assess any musculoskeletal problem and provide a plan to improve your symptoms. 


  • Mental health practitioners specialise in managing anxiety and depression. They are highly trained and provide excellent holistic care for our patients with mental health problems. 


  • Care coordinators provide extra time, capacity, and expertise to support patients in preparing for clinical conversations or in following up discussions with primary care professionals. They work closely with the GPs and other primary care colleagues within the primary care network (PCN) to identify and manage a caseload of identified patients, making sure that appropriate support is made available to them and their carers (if appropriate), and ensuring that their changing needs are addressed.


  • Health and wellbeing coaches support people to self-identify existing issues and encourage proactive prevention of new and existing illnesses. They will predominately use health coaching skills to support people to develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become active participants in their care so that they can reach their own health and wellbeing goals.



Wakefield Carers info
16th Sep 2022

Are you a Carer?

Do you look after someone who has a long term health condition, a disability, an addiction or a mental health condition? Are you in receipt of carers allowance. Please contact carers Wakefield to register yourself.

You can contact them by telephone on 01924 305545, or by email at registration@carerswakefield.org.uk

Please also inform the surgery so they can register you as a career. 

a notepad and pen
16th Sep 2022

Training closure dates

Training closure days are one half day a month,and take place on a Wednesday afternoon except for August and December. This Time is used for Audits, Research, Guidelines, Education and Training.

The aim of TARGET is to provide a co-ordinated approach to the delivery of continued professional development for primary care staff and GP’s.

TARGET is a initiative originally established in November 2000 to provide protected learning time for GP’s and practice employed staff across the whole district.

TARGET enables practices to close for ten afternoons per year. Oncall cover is provided by NHS111.

TARGET event topics are chosen following a consultation with all local primary care clinicians, nursing staff and practice managers across the district.

The dates for remaining TARGET afternoons are listed below

  • Wednesday 17.04.2024
  • Wednesday 15.05.2024
  • Wednesday 19.06.2024
  • Wednesday 10.07.2024
  • Wednesday 18.09.2024
  • Wednesday 16.10.2024
  • Wednesday 13.11.2024
  • Wednesday 15.01.2025
  • Wednesday 12.02.2025
  • Wednesday 19.03.2025