About us


Welcome to Warrengate Medical Centre. We are a patient centred practice in the heart of Wakefield. We have an outstanding multidisciplinary team who are dedicated to caring for our patients. We are also a training practice so we nurture and support the training of new doctors and nurses as well as those who are training to become GPs. 



Our Practice Values



· Compassionate – People are at the heart of everything we do.

· Embracing change – We are bold, innovative and make the most of our resources available. We adapt and change depending on the needs of our patients and our workforce.

· Aspirational – We will aspire to be the best we can be. We will recognise and celebrate success.



Vision Statement

We are a patient centred organisation which provides continuity of care that is accessible and holistic to all our patients. Our Practice Team work collaboratively with colleagues across health, social and community care to facilitate a high quality, innovative and responsive service. As equal partners, patients are empowered to better manage their own health. Partners will ensure a happy and healthy workforce by supporting their staff, nurturing their professional development, promoting a healthy work - life balance and maintaining an open and honest culture.

Mission Statement 

To improve the health, wellbeing and lives of those we care for; through remaining motivated and being united in our commitment to a high quality of patient care and a desire to continually develop both personally and collectively. This will occur within a workplace environment that promotes kindness, inclusion and respect.